About Us

Posted by Judith Phillips on

Judy's Baby Boutique started out as a fun hobby. I'm Judy and I have been a labor and delivery nurse for 15 years. I started out by making booties for all of my patients after they've had their babies. 

After awhile I had people asking me where they could buy more. At the time I told them I was only making them for fun. So many people told me I should sell them, and voila! In 2015 Judy's Baby Booties was born. I know this name is different but when I first opened, that is all I offered. In 2016 I added bibs, in 2019 I added aprons, in 2020 I added blankets, and last but not least in 2021 I added car seat ponchos. 

Since adding so many different products, Judy's Baby Booties just didn't fit anymore. Judy's Baby Boutique is all of the same products my previous customers have loved just with a new name. 

Thank you so much for visiting my website and helping me make amazing products for people. 

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